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Whether it's just a small chip or a huge crack, any obstruction in your windshield can make it harder to drive. Make your trip a little safer with help from Pillars Auto Glass LLC.

We provide mobile windshield repair services throughout Kalamazoo, MI and surrounding areas. We have the tools and equipment needed to fill cracks or replace your entire windshield on the spot, so you can get back on the road again.

Your insurance might cover it

Many auto insurance policies cover windshield replacement and repair services as a way to keep you safe on the road. If you've been in an accident or a flying rock cracked your window, Pillars Auto Glass LLC can help you file a mobile auto glass repair claim.

We know the ins and outs of auto glass insurance claims, and can help you get your replacement covered. Call or text us today to learn more.

3 reasons to call Pillars Auto Glass

Pillars Auto Glass LLC is leading the way in mobile windshield repair services throughout Kalamazoo, MI and surrounding areas. We've built a strong business reputation with our:

  1. Experience - We have the skills needed to repair or replace your windshield without causing additional damage.
  2. Attention to detail - We know what each car style needs and ensure a perfect fit for both new and older models.
  3. Convenient services - We can meet you wherever you are to provide mobile repair or replacement services.

Call now for same-day mobile auto glass repair services. Or schedule an appointment at our shop in Kalamazoo, MI. You'll always work directly with our company's owner so you can rest assured you'll get top-notch services.

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